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Welcome to the 2023-24 school year, we hope it is the best one yet for you. Reminder e-registration is open at all times for updates as needed through the year by simply clicking FORMS in the left navigation column and filling out the form that needs updating. IMPORTANT: It is especially important for us to be able to get in contact with a parent quickly or someone else you trust to pick your child up or help us track you down if needed. Please be sure to update all CONTACT information at e-registration and also update your information if there is a change at any time this year. Lunch balances can be viewed in both the student and parent accounts. Please be sure to check these often to see that the student has adequate funds in their account. We encourage you to sign up for notifications through your parent PowerSchool account. To sign up click on EMAIL NOTIFICATION on the left side menu. Balance Alert is the lunch account notification. You can also sign up to receive grades and attendance. You set the frequency of these emails. School website: If we can be of any assistance to you throughout the year please call 319-259-5340. GO EAGLES!!!